Week 8 | Recursive Structures | Linked Lists

This week we learned about a recursive structure called LinkedLists. The basic building blocks for Linked Lists are a sequence of nodes, each with a head (value) and a reference to rest (its successors). When we say the term linked we refer to each nodes having a reference in memory to the next node i.e Linked!

A linked list is either: the empty list, represented by None, or a node that contains an  object and a reference to the next node of the linked list.
“Searching for a value in a linked list implementation of an unordered list also uses the traversal technique. As we visit each node in the linked list we will ask whether the data stored there matches the item we are looking for.”
I find Linked Lists pretty interesting considering they can grow dynamically and there is no restriction on its size! Sounds so efficient right!

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