Discrete Mathematics Week 1 and 2: Introduction

Hello World, this is my first slog for a CSC165, A Discrete Mathematics course I am taking this semester. Those of you new to my blog may ask what a slog is, well a Slog is a course log  used to document my experience in this course as well as tell some funny jokes!

CSC165 has a very mathematical approach to computer science. This course is more about communication and problem solving, but not your typical Math problem solving rather how to communicate our ideas to others.  This week we discussed the basic principles of logic such as the right amount ambiguity, precision and balance of between them needed to have a clear and concise logical argument. We also learned how to represent statements using Logic Notation using Quantifiers to make claims about a set. I believe we use symbols to emphasize our argument and also the fact that using logic notation (symbols) is much more convenient/faster to perform mathematical computations on paper.

I am a math person, so learning new areas like logic in computer science are fascinating to me. I really like how logic fills that gap between what humans understand and how computers think. Let’s be honest now computers are dumb. 

here is an Example of using Venn Diagrams to express mathematical statements with an arbitrary P and Q.

venn diagram

To hear more about my endeavors with Discrete Mathematics stay tuned for more!

Until next time, Peace out!

– yours truly,                                                                                                                        “Code Shark”



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