week 3

This week we learned about :

– AND and OR /Conjunction and Disjunction
– NOT /Negation, and how to push negation into the statement as far as possible
– Truth table and equivalence
– Standard Equivalencies and Laws

My professor said these are the fundamentals of logic that we will need to master for when we learn proofs. In this tutorial this week’s exercises we had represent an english statement with logic notation. The last 2 questions seemed to be the most difficult to translate correctly,

 f) No course has more than two prerequisites
g) Some courses have the same prerequisites. 
Since its rather difficult to translate directly to logic notation, my TA suggested we rephrase the statement for f) if a course has more than two prerequisites 2 of them are equivalent courses.
standard equivalances
we are getting our first assignment next week so stay tuned to hear about it!
Until next time,
Yours Truly, CodeShark

One thought on “week 3

  1. Still tuned but losing patience 🙂

    I see you have a penchant for journaling your class experience. There’s nothing stopping you from doing the same here. Remember that we highly encourage you to solve problems that weren’t necessarily presented in class, so look through Prof. Heap’s recommendations or Google until you find something that interests you. Work through it, analyse it, try to solve it; the end result isn’t nearly as important as thinking about it. That’s what the course is about, use it to your best advantage.

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