Some neat stuff

In class we had a challenge to determined the algorithm finding the pattern of the creases when you fold a strip of paper a certain amount of times. Each time you fold the number of creases doubles. So intuitively if you fold a piece of half in half 47 times it would be thick enough to span  the distance to the moon. That’s some crazy exponential growth I wouldn’t not expect

I decided to do some more research into this topic and given what I’ve found below the math seems correct, which is hard to believe! haha!

Typical piece of paper = 0.097mm
Distance to the moon= 384,400 km
(0.097 x 2^47) / 1000000 = 426,610.5km

The math seems quite accurate, but as humans its hard to imagine anything of the exponential nature. Considering I’m taking linear algebra we are inclined to think in a linear nature with systems of linear equations haha. A more personal example of linear thinking is linear progression or linear periodization in terms of weight and strength gained at the gym. If you slowly and consistently progress linearly with the total amount of weight pushed. Then when you look at the bigger picture its quite exponential when you look at the strength gains. That’s just my example of the world where math and science collide.

Until next time, yours truly,